Five Home Improvement Projects to boost your Home’s Value

The first thing every homeowner thinks about after they’ve decided to sell their home is how they can increase their home’s value before they get it out there on the market. That means you should understand the different home improvement projects that can increase or rather add to your home’s value so as to avoid making costly mistakes. Your plan could be attracting luxury homebuyers or just to get the attention of those looking for their first home. No matter who you’re targeting, here are key renovations that can help increase the value of your home.

Remodeling your Kitchen

One of the rooms that’s considered to be the heart of a home is the kitchen. That means this should be the first place to focus on. As a matter of fact, spicing up your kitchen can give you about 60 to 120 percent return on investment according to HGTV. Of course, you’re supposed to stay within the limits. You don’t have to make it fancier than other parts or rooms of your house.

Bathroom Addition

This may also mean renewing your bathroom space. Make sure your bathrooms looks clean, tidy and refreshing. This is one of the areas a home buyer would want to see before deciding whether or not to buy your home. Consider giving the room a makeover. You can add decorative accents, change the shower curtain and mount a new mirror. Just don’t forget to enhance the lighting. If you only have a single bathroom, adding an extra one could give you about 80 to 130 percent return on investment according to HGTV. Work with matching finishes and designs.

Adding Energy-Efficient Windows

It’s important that you make your home more energy efficient. As a matter of fact, home buyers are, these days, shopping for homes that are more energy efficient. If your house has some ugly looking, old, single-pane windows, you may consider replacing them with Energy Star-rated windows. Those old windows are a turn off. Energy-efficient windows can help you save more than $450 a year in energy costs.

Use Neutral Colors on your Walls

Well, it’s time you applied a new coat of paint to revive and liven up your living space. You don’t have to go repainting everywhere in the entire house. Only apply a new coat of paint where necessary. Key areas to focus on include your kitchen and bathroom as well as any other areas with boldly colored walls. Use neutral colors.


Don’t put all your energy and focus on your home’s interior and forget there’s the outside space that really matters. According to most real estate agents, landscaping and trimming your trees and shrubs could also add to your home’s value. These are simple tasks that contribute to your home’s curb appeal.