Does My Home Really Need Gutters?

home gutter


If you have recently purchased a home, you may be surprised to discover that it doesn’t have any gutters? How does something like this get overlooked?


Now you have the task of installing downspouts and gutters. Depending on your home’s size, a full-blow installation could reach the thousands. Since rain gutters that are clogged can severe damage to your home, why bother to install them in the first place? Why does your home require gutters at all?


This train of thought seems logical, but the real reason that a clogged gutter causes damage to your home, is because it allows water to run over the edges, where it collects around your home’s foundation. If you don’t have any gutters, this will occur every time that it rains.


Here are three important reasons to install gutters in your new home.


Prevent Erosion


Homes that have been constructed to code should sit on a slight slope. This helps in guiding water runoff away from your home’s foundation. Not having gutters can cause a massive amount of erosion when it rains; cause the wear down of your slope. This can actually cause water to run towards your home instead of away from it.


Prevent Basement Flooding


When the soil around your house gets saturated with water, it can become extremely heavy. This means that runoff is presenting a tremendous amount of pressure on your foundation. Overtime, this causes your basement walls to cave inwards or crack, allowing water to flow. This can lead to growth of mold and become a health hazard.


Protect Siding


When rainwater drains off of a roof without gutters, it can contain asphalt particles from your shingles, dirt, and leaves down your siding. This can results in a staining, causing your home to look unkempt and dreary. Furthermore, staining can cause your siding to rot, especially if it is constructed out of wood. This severely affects the structural integrity of your home. You will search home improvements  consultant in your area.